Friday, 10 August 2018

Spin Spin Spin

I have so much i enjoy doing and spinning is one of them, so therapeutic and calming for everyone else too apparently lol, the dull hum  of the wheel can send people to sleep !
i just get lost in it and can end up for hours and get one well exercised ankle lol, i have tried changing feet but i just cant get the same rhythm going, two feet together works though, well for a short time anyway.
wow that looks a busy picture with my quilt and rug in the back ground!

my Ashford traditional wheel works like a dream and produces a very consistent spin
notice the bright bag of fibre i am spinning, you just cant go on the start colour as it can change so much
look what it turns into, and when i have plied it together it will change again,
 its going to look amazing, 
mmmm what to make with it!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Stampin Up !!

Oh so happy to have this back in my life.......already added to my very full book case of stamps and have the all new ink pad colour range,
lots of ideas going round in my head and every time i pick up the book and have a flick through my head is full of , ooooh i could do thiiiiis, i could do thaaaat !!
its all just so gorgeous and top quality products that last a life time, i have stamps been sat on my shelf for the past 4 or so years and they are still as good as the day i bought them.

so what to do first??
buy more stash me thinks lol
then have a play and see where it gets me

watch this space.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Best Of Friends

Is it possible to set the clock to run fast?? that a thing??
 i'm sure it is in my world, i'm sure my clock is going way too fast !! 
i just don't seem to have the time to do anything,
 i wake up at the weekend thinking i have two days to get stuff done, hours to spend creating..... but it never happens, i get lost in time talking to rabbits, rescuing cats out of trees, calling cats who think i have deserted them and left the country just because i am out of sight, wondering round the garden taking great delight in looking at beautiful flowers, and finding little shoots and flower buds i didn't see the day before oh and watering them all......mmmmmm actually that's all not too bad, apart from rescuing cats from trees bit , she will get it one day lol
its actually quite nice doing all those things, wish i had more time for that lot too lol, 
but i sure wish i had more time to create!!

saying that i have managed a little bit of creating this weekend

another of the wedding picture, this time no ink or paint involved, hand made flowers of course and title cut from the Cricut

hexagons, they appear in my scrapping and my sewing a lot, such a lovely shape and allow you to add lots of different patterned paper without it becoming too busy

a butterfly cause i just feel the need to add them at the minute !!

and playing with different fonts, always good to mix them up a bit , 
adds a bit of interest to the page, feels odd not having ink or paint anywhere , i could have added them but wanted to see if i could manage without them and i could lol, but if you wanted to add a bit of another colour or shading that would work well too.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Into August......

We go!!
 where is this year going, another roller coaster of a year, but I have seen the summer, well still seeing it, another beautiful day today.
 looking forward to the weekend with nothing to do except a birthday BBQ
Still sorting things out, trying to clear so that my spare time is my spare time rather than jobs time......if you get what I mean!
I have  things I want to do .....weaving , spinning, dying, would like to get back into my cross stitch, sewing, so much to do so little time as the saying goes lol but need to make the space for these things, to be able to sit in comfort without feeling guilty that I really need to be sorting this or that!
But I have managed another page, another from the wedding.....

A bit of a rustic page with hessian (that featured a lot in the wedding) some stamping, pearl drops, inking , painting , they normally feature some where! Hand made paper flowers.

The lovely little willow heart was just perfect to add and fits perfect with the theme of the wedding.


I will be making a wedding album, in a project life style once I have gathered all the bits and printed all the photos but would like some 12x12 layouts too of some of the really special moments captured on the day, too many to scrap mind you.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


I know we all want a lovely summer and not wanting to moan but i feel ill from this heat!!, it doesn't agree with me at all!
there is so much i want to do but don't have the energy lol
i want to work some more on this.....
but who wants to sit with a blanket on their knee in this weather !

so i have been doing more of this.......
First page from the millions ( exaggeration lol)of wonderful photos taken at Niall and Daisy's wedding
a clean page, although it was a bit cleaner but it didn't feel right so i had to add a spritz so these came into play again.

some fantastic wooden circles that i covered in paper and inked, wooden words that i painted, hand made flowers that have been inked and some die cut leaf stems also with a dash of ink, a die cut butterfly that i have glossy accented
and of course the beautiful Mia.


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Not just Jake page

Im not very good at boys pages sometimes, its funny how sometimes they just flow and other times I struggle, I don't normally struggle with girls and floral pages I do love to add flowers and flourishes to a page but boys without flowers can be difficult lol
mixing up the alphabets, great when you have been using them and not all letters are available, they look great and paint of course, love to play with paint.
and arrows are always a good choice on a boys page.



Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wedding Business

I haven't been able to think of much apart from wedding things for the last week or so.
on Friday the 13th of July my son Niall married his girlfriend and mother to his son Daisy,
they had been planning this for two years they wanted to have a do it yourself wedding, with a tipi , china cups and saucers, a photo booth, chill out tents, lots of games for the kids, all home made with lots of wooden things, everything home made by Niall or Daisy, the bar, the signs, the afternoon tea crates, as much as could be made was made,
 a million miles of bunting well that might be an exaggeration but it felt like it lol)
I was on food duty and after things went a little wrong the day before with the fridge people letting us down, a bit of stress but it all came together in the end.

it was amazing, they both worked so hard and it paid off, late into the evening I could hear a drunken voice yelling this is the best wedding I have ever been to and with the added fun of the farmer taking people for rides on his quad late into the night and performing donuts in the middle of the site, it was so funny and just added to the memory of such a fantastic day.

Saturday, 7 July 2018


I recently took part in a mini quilt exchange, you were assigned a partner who you would be making for and then someone would be making for you although you didn't know who that was.......I love these exchanges!
you had plenty of time to stalk.....think...prepare....and them make your mini quilt, or in my case plenty of time to stalk....think....decide....stalk some more.......change my mind....stalk some more....decide....oh no wait change again....then finally make!!
any way in the end I made this rather cute (even if I do say so myself) doggy quilt, my partner has two dogs, I love the result, (didn't want to give it away lol)
as my friends will know I love to free motion quilt and this was the perfect opportunity to do some FMQ ing.....pebble quilting, very enjoyable, I had given myself a couple of evenings to complete the quilting part but ended up doing it in one hit as I was enjoying myself so much lol

and with the added detail of the button eyes and nose I think they are rather cute.
I hope my partner enjoys my efforts.
In return I received this fabulous quilt....oh my look at the colours, just my colours and just look at the most amazing quilting, I might be able to do that one day lol

isn't it just fab, it is going to hang in my sewing room.
 thank you Wendy, I just love it.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Outdoor Boy

Yay my first page of my other new grandson Loki, he will be two in September, how bad is it that this is the first page with him on, never mind i will soon catch up I'm sure lol
"Outdoor Boy"
he really is he loves being outside, you have to battle to get him back inside.
I cant tell you what papers they are, it was some random pad I found while hovering the photo over pages to find the right combination, I then found an autumn sticker sheet for the embellishments .

got a little bit messy on this one using the Heidi swap colour shine spritzers, I bought these just before I locked everything away, never even made it out of the packets until today, oh my did I have fun with these, they are gorgeous giving a pearlescent shine to them, absolutely lush,
can you see that pearlescent result, I LOVE IT


I think they are going to appear quite often for the foreseeable lol

Crazy Girl

Todays offering which I actually finished yesterday but the light had gone so couldn't take any photos
"Love this Crazy Girl"
using the Hello Summer range, I saw this strip design somewhere and thought it would be perfect, i'm not so good with these sort of deign papers, never really know what to do with them in large pieces but loved the colours, but in small pieces like this, perfect to match the busyness of Mia's blouse, really enjoyed this and adding some flowers, I am rather a flower fan, love messing with flowers and greenery!
I'm quite a 3D person too, I cant scrap flat, I like to have some depth to my pages, quite a clean page for me too just a bit of ink on the flowers and paint on the lettering.

Scrap Happy.

I completed my first page after my looong break but I wasn't completely happy with it, it's ok but not giving me the happy glow, probably as it's a winter, not much colour picture and I had trouble with picking the paper colours, bringing in the blue and yellow in desperation lol
But I am very happy to have started again, I'm sure I will be back in the flow very soon, in fact there is another page I will post separately about that one.
 See not much colour to work with, maybe wrong pictures to be starting with.

Happy to be scrapping so it will do fine.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Im back and im doing stuff !!

After a couple years away, due to many reasons and none in particular I haven't been crafting very much apart from a lot of crochet, I lost my mum on Christmas eve 2016 and soon after gained all her craft stash, this depressed me greatly, not only losing mum but gaining masses and masses of stuff !

 after firstly starting to sort it, it soon became too much and I stored it all away in my craft cabin and locked the door on it all not going in for about 18 months, the longer it went on the more depressed about it I got, no scrapping and no sewing.
I recently went for hypnotherapy to help with my weight loss and during this session it came to light how much this was upsetting have to sort it out she told I have, and to be honest it didn't take long at all really, some of it has joined my stash some has been moved to storage to be sorted at a later date, lots has been given away to my grandkids school and lots has been sold.
as a result, I HAVE MY CABIN BACK, MY HAPPY PLACE and I couldn't be more pleased.

I have started sewing again, brought on by joining a mini quilt exchange......


I have this week starting scrapping again.....

after all I do have two new grandsons to scrap and along with the older two, so now four grand kids, just think of all those photos I need to scrap and all those quilts I need to make.
I now have a garden that I am filling with flowers and an allotment full of fruit and veg, and now I have my blog back to write it all down....oh that's along with my happy planner and my new toy, a hp gadgets lol

I feel so much happier just writing this all down, the cloud is lifting,
hello crafty world