Saturday, 7 July 2018


I recently took part in a mini quilt exchange, you were assigned a partner who you would be making for and then someone would be making for you although you didn't know who that was.......I love these exchanges!
you had plenty of time to stalk.....think...prepare....and them make your mini quilt, or in my case plenty of time to stalk....think....decide....stalk some more.......change my mind....stalk some more....decide....oh no wait change again....then finally make!!
any way in the end I made this rather cute (even if I do say so myself) doggy quilt, my partner has two dogs, I love the result, (didn't want to give it away lol)
as my friends will know I love to free motion quilt and this was the perfect opportunity to do some FMQ ing.....pebble quilting, very enjoyable, I had given myself a couple of evenings to complete the quilting part but ended up doing it in one hit as I was enjoying myself so much lol

and with the added detail of the button eyes and nose I think they are rather cute.
I hope my partner enjoys my efforts.
In return I received this fabulous quilt....oh my look at the colours, just my colours and just look at the most amazing quilting, I might be able to do that one day lol

isn't it just fab, it is going to hang in my sewing room.
 thank you Wendy, I just love it.


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Akila said...

Beautiful exchange.. both pieces