Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Im back and im doing stuff !!

After a couple years away, due to many reasons and none in particular I haven't been crafting very much apart from a lot of crochet, I lost my mum on Christmas eve 2016 and soon after gained all her craft stash, this depressed me greatly, not only losing mum but gaining masses and masses of stuff !

 after firstly starting to sort it, it soon became too much and I stored it all away in my craft cabin and locked the door on it all not going in for about 18 months, the longer it went on the more depressed about it I got, no scrapping and no sewing.
I recently went for hypnotherapy to help with my weight loss and during this session it came to light how much this was upsetting have to sort it out she told I have, and to be honest it didn't take long at all really, some of it has joined my stash some has been moved to storage to be sorted at a later date, lots has been given away to my grandkids school and lots has been sold.
as a result, I HAVE MY CABIN BACK, MY HAPPY PLACE and I couldn't be more pleased.

I have started sewing again, brought on by joining a mini quilt exchange......


I have this week starting scrapping again.....

after all I do have two new grandsons to scrap and along with the older two, so now four grand kids, just think of all those photos I need to scrap and all those quilts I need to make.
I now have a garden that I am filling with flowers and an allotment full of fruit and veg, and now I have my blog back to write it all down....oh that's along with my happy planner and my new toy, a hp gadgets lol

I feel so much happier just writing this all down, the cloud is lifting,
hello crafty world

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