Monday, 30 September 2013

The Weekend.....

The Sun was out on saturday, which was lovely for the marriage of my brother Mark and his bride Di, here with my mum and dad.
the first time all the family (well almost all) have been together,
 it was a lovely day and i had a tear or two lol
look at Di's gorgeous dress, she made it herself, 
Well done Di you looked beautiful
heres to a wonderful future together Mark and Di xxx
 as for the rest of the weekend, i was working in THE SHOP yesterday, the shop being Craftydaze, it was the papercraft extravaganza, a full day of crafting with some fab results, they all went home tired but happy crafters.
Then when i got home, as if i hadnt had enough i made my little owl, a pattern i am working on, very happy with my first draft,as always a few changes i want to make, 
but one happy crafter

sooo what can i call him??? 
i need your help here, i am rubbish with names!!


Rachael G said...

What about Owlet, Harry, Bob,

Michelle said...

Lovely photos she looks a lovely bride. I didn't know you had a brother Lorna. The owl is lovely - he looks like a Hedwig to me xx

Mouse said...

Gosh your SIL looks gorgeous in her dress she made , really hard to do one for yourself ... and awwwww your wee owl is cute and looks like a "hoot" :) love mouse xxxx

ps in case you are wondering yes i am catching up xx