Sunday, 1 September 2013

Starting School and Skegvegas!!

 Well the time has arrived for jakey to go to big school ,he has always gone to nursery and loves it but its time to move on, and in his uniform he is no longer our baby, 
look how happy he is at the end of his first day at school, 
well done jakey

So we decided to take the littlies to skegvegas before the weather turns and as the weekend was forecast to be ok,this was the time to do it,
 we didnt tell them just turned up to pick them up yesterday morning, packed a picnic and off we went.
those that know me know i just love the beach and getting me feet in the sand/sea, and after the year i have had this has been my first chance to do so, so i am very happy!
 the kids loved it too, we bought buckets and spades and played on the sand for a couple of hours, ran in and out of the sea,
 notice jake in the background paddling in the sea!
 jake loved walking up and down collecting his shells,
minutes after this jake while paddling was knocked over by a huge wave (in jakes words) in reality it was upto his ankles lol but he was soaked but loved getting very wet,
luckily we had a warm towel and a change of clothes to sort him out when he had had enough.

It was all too much for mia at one point and she fell asleep mmmmmm not sure i would have been comfy like that but she slept in this position for about 2 hours so it must have been comfy lol
and we received lots of chuckles from people when they saw her

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Cara Simons said...

Shame I couldn't come but it's good to see the kids having lots of fun xxx