Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sewing Weekend

 So the Girls have been making the BIG BAG........ again, WOW i wonder how many of this bag are wondering around Leicestershire now, 
quite a few, i've lost count lol
well done girls, looking fab.
While they were making the BIG BAG, i was making a some what smaller Cat bag, 
a variation on the owl bag from an earlier post,
 just love this bag not sure which one i prefer, the owls or the cats !!
i also made this sewing machine mat with pockets and a soon to be pin cushion, just loving the bright colours of this one
With patchwork main panel and all over freehand quilting.


Michelle said...

Lovely Lorna - do you teach at a craft shop? x

Rachael G said...

I love the Cat one!!

Rachael G said...
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Lynn Symons said...

These are lovely x I wouldn't mind patterns for these x

Mouse said...

ooooooo love those bags ... need to get making some now ... and hmmmm love both can't choose
and how far away are you from me so I can join in the fun ... love mouse xxxx