Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Halloweeny !!

 My head is buzzing with ideas at the minute,WOOHOO
 more than one pattern going on at a time,
 what is happening to me?
 i had better take advantage of it while it lasts lol i still need to remake my owl bag from my previous post and iron out the wrinkles as it were, but then another one popped into my head so that is also in the pipe line, actualy made my first run on it but left it at work so you will have to do with a pic of my bedtime scribbles as a bit of a preview but watch this space, 
so tonight i have been typing up the pattern for my flower heart cushion, owl bag is still in scribble form and needs typing up, Halloweeny bag is still in scribble form too!

not giving much away my scribbles are they lol


Michelle said...

Oooh wonder what you are designing Lorna. I still cherish that Halloweenie bag you made me all those years ago xx

Cara Simons said...

I love the owl bag. The fabric is great and I want one for Xmas hehe. And a little purse hehe xxx