Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Month......

Since I last blogged, how bad am I ?
I don't know where the time has gone since Easter I seam to have lost it, I started by going down to Brighton for a couple of days working came back for 24 hours then went off for a mini break to Bude, Cornwall, then came back from there and the next morning went to Cambridge to stay with my friend Polly to help sort her craft Cabin out, that needed a good sort out and organising,
 I lost track of the days, I was made very welcome at Polly's it was sort of work but we had a great time and even managed two half days of sewing ,
and then it begins again with another trip to Brighton on Thursday
Coastline at Bude, I just love it

 then I got my toes in the sand, just have to do that at least once a year.

So then to the sewing....Polly and I are embarking on a challenge, we are both making a dear Jane quilt, it has 226 blocks in total (mine is with a white background instead of a black in the picture)

we have a system for choosing which blocks we are making, with Polly picking the letters and me picking the numbers, this will stop us doing the easiest ones first and leaving the hard ones to the end, here are some of the blocks completed, watch this space for more progress.....but don't hold your breath we may be some time lol

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