Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wheres my mojo????

Please someone find my mojo........I am missing it so much......
I have just had a week off work and normally I would be in the cabin making and you wouldn't get me out of there for love nor money, but I have only been in there to put things away,
 it is really upsetting me!!!
I have been trying and the other day I sat and did some colouring, which I really enjoyed but its not sewing !!
this morning I sat and watched Jennie Raymont on the telly and then I went out and made a bag, which was lovely but as soon as I had done I was out of there, I think I need people round me to get me going, I think I need a crafty friend close by !!
any takers??
so here is some of my colouring.
and the bag I made this morning


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Rachael G said...

Have you found your Mojo at Polly's?