Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Oh Dear!!!!!!

such a long time since I have blogged!
 That's bad, and I miss blogging so I am going to sort it out and set myself a dedicated blogging time, I'm not saying every day but at least a couple of times a week would be lovely.
I am updating my technology, my old pc is  s o o   s l o w it's driving me mad so I now have an iPad not a new one admittedly but more up to date then anything else AND I have a new laptop on its way.....YAY I will be able to sit in bed and blog and get my photos etc etc.....quite excited.
Such a lot to catch up on.
So when daylight comes I will have a look at what at what I can tell you in a nut shell and take a couple if pics.
See you later.

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jill said...

Hi Lorna , Thanks for following my blog .
I think you've got the right idea updating your blog a few times a week rather then daily because you'll blog because you want to & enjoy it, rather then feeling its more like a chore.
Good luck with getting to grips with the new laptop . Happy crafting from Jill