Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Catching Up

So all morning I have been trying to think of all the things that have gone on since I last blogged and a few are popping in my head but I'm sure there is just too much to mention so I am going to just list a few bits and then move on from now.....
So it was October my last blog
We have had a litter of puppies

 my birthday, been on a week long sewing retreat(I so didn't want it to end) Christmas, workshops, oh and for my birthday the family bought me tickets to go and see 

OMG amazing,fantastic,Awesome........ 
I could go on but I won't!
There has been a little bit of crafting but not much but then it was January....I hate January, so glad it's over!
I little snippet of a page for  the next issue of "Scrapbook Magazine"
Ok shall I just move on from there and start afresh!

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