Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crafty weekend

Well another crafty weekend has been and gone and another fab time was had by all, 
and i have to say a very productive one, we made star cushions and fabric covered boxes as workshops, so over the weekend i made 1 large star cushion and 1 small star cushion a pin cushion and 3 fabric covered boxes, 
as well as catering for a dozen people or more over the weekend with two choices of meals on the menu each day, no wonder i came home on sunday evening shattered but very happy lol
                                                                people ....doing things!!
 more people doing things
some of the finished projects,
i will take some pics of my items tomorrow in better light!
i just love these weekends and cant wait till the end of march for the next one, and if the weather is good the tent will be needed as well!!

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