Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crafty weekend makes....

I have just realised that i didn't show you what i made and received on the crafty weekend, i was very busy, probably the most productive weekend i have had for a long time that was all for me, well not probably but definitely!!
we made the gorgeous star cushion first, really enjoyed making this, so much so that i went on to make another one as a pin cushion along with another pin cushion just because i could! 
 i want to make one of all my scappy bits of fabric, i knew there was a reason why i saved all my tiddy little bits of fabric, at just 2.5" square i can get loads together, thats the hoarder in me!

then it was onto boxes, now knowing how much i love boxes and tins of any sort its no wonder i ended up making 3 of these 

we then had the exchange where i received this gorgeous necklace and bracelet from one of our wonderful beaders Sue (workshop from them (Sue and Annie) during the march weekend) 

 and to finish off i won this gorgeous little beaded bell in the raffle


Michelle said...

Oh Lorna everything is stunning. I love the square pincushions just beautiful xx

gracie said...

I love pincushion and the star one is lovely!

Rachael xxx said...

Lovely Lorna I do like the square pincushion, they would sell well!