Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fabric Play

 After losing my mojo over Christmas completely!!
 which is what normally happens,
I had managed to find my paper play mojo and was merrily playing with paper, "cutting n stickin"  but I couldn't find my fabric mojo.....twas nowhere to be seen !!
 but HURRAH I had a play today with fabric, not completely happy with the result but ok for a prototype,
so this is how it started....... 
and this is what it turned into, I used heavy iron on interfacing and then wadding but after much turning through etc it has got a bit creased, I have ironed but I am not happy with the result so I will try again, this time I will put the wadding on first then the heavy duty interfacing and see if that solves my little problem.
but happy..ish for a first run on it
glad I am inside today,
 tis awful out there windy and raining but I was
snug in my kabin.........still in my PJ's WHOOPS....well you have to sometimes don't you lol

1 comment:

Diane said...

This is just darling, love the patterned fabric.

Hugs Diane