Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fabric Play

 After losing my mojo over Christmas completely!!
 which is what normally happens,
I had managed to find my paper play mojo and was merrily playing with paper, "cutting n stickin"  but I couldn't find my fabric mojo.....twas nowhere to be seen !!
 but HURRAH I had a play today with fabric, not completely happy with the result but ok for a prototype,
so this is how it started....... 
and this is what it turned into, I used heavy iron on interfacing and then wadding but after much turning through etc it has got a bit creased, I have ironed but I am not happy with the result so I will try again, this time I will put the wadding on first then the heavy duty interfacing and see if that solves my little problem.
but happy..ish for a first run on it
glad I am inside today,
 tis awful out there windy and raining but I was
snug in my kabin.........still in my PJ's WHOOPS....well you have to sometimes don't you lol

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Fun Crafty Day

The girls came round and we did the first Kabin crafters workshop, we made the "Sunshine Heart", all of them are new to stamping but did a great job, so with yummy cake and laughs we had a great morning


Monday, 16 February 2015

Crafting Weekend

Well I had one day of me crafting where I made a bag for my new laptop, sorry I forgot to take a picture!!
and one day of running a workshop and craft day for the girls, so on Saturday I was at Rothley being enabled by the girls there....I came away with a Misti stamping system and then came home and ordered some new stamps, I cant wait to have a play!! watch this space!!
Sunday it was Dalby Crafters, we had a workshop, "Remember This" scrapbook page, with lots of laughs along the way as we always do
here is Rachaels take on the page mounted in a 3D frame
the girls working on the page


Sunday, 15 February 2015

January is Gone WOOHOO

Yay cause I hate January !!!
...not too keen on February either but that is half way done too so well on our way to march and longer days, more crafting time, time to get out in the garden, I have big plans for our garden this year, with the arrival of the "craft kabin"  I now want to sort the rest of the garden into a crafting, BBQing, relaxing place to this space,
 so to get me in the spirit I have been playing with a bit of paper and paint..........what do you think? 

I am wakening from my hibernation !!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Catching Up

So all morning I have been trying to think of all the things that have gone on since I last blogged and a few are popping in my head but I'm sure there is just too much to mention so I am going to just list a few bits and then move on from now.....
So it was October my last blog
We have had a litter of puppies

 my birthday, been on a week long sewing retreat(I so didn't want it to end) Christmas, workshops, oh and for my birthday the family bought me tickets to go and see 

OMG amazing,fantastic,Awesome........ 
I could go on but I won't!
There has been a little bit of crafting but not much but then it was January....I hate January, so glad it's over!
I little snippet of a page for  the next issue of "Scrapbook Magazine"
Ok shall I just move on from there and start afresh!

Oh Dear!!!!!!

such a long time since I have blogged!
 That's bad, and I miss blogging so I am going to sort it out and set myself a dedicated blogging time, I'm not saying every day but at least a couple of times a week would be lovely.
I am updating my technology, my old pc is  s o o   s l o w it's driving me mad so I now have an iPad not a new one admittedly but more up to date then anything else AND I have a new laptop on its way.....YAY I will be able to sit in bed and blog and get my photos etc etc.....quite excited.
Such a lot to catch up on.
So when daylight comes I will have a look at what at what I can tell you in a nut shell and take a couple if pics.
See you later.