Friday, 12 June 2015

New blog...

I have been having problems with blogger for sometime now, due to changes in settings I think so I have decided to start a new blog so I have moved, I would love for you to come and move over with me
Here is the link

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


 ok I need some help here, is there another blog host that is easier to upload photos than here, not sure if things have changed, I used to have my photos all ready uploaded when I logged on I just clicked from my phone and there they all were.....not any more now I have to upload them which takes ages, it can take about half an hour just to do a post, I love blogging but cant find the time to sit for half an hour just for one blog post....there has got to be a quicker way than this.....come on folks tell me where I should be.
and in the mean and the littlies, Saturday tea time we all went for a carvery, it was lovely to relax with the littlies playing.
May bank holiday weekend Polly came to play and we had 3 fantastic days sewing and creating, we got the Disney embroidery machine working and made some bags and purses sporting Eeyore, can you guess which colour is mine and which is polly's??
 since Polly went home BOOHOO I have managed to find a little play time to make these two beauties, I still need to make 3 more, they are for gift bags for an event later in the year, need to fill them with goodies but not sure what to put in them.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Month......

Since I last blogged, how bad am I ?
I don't know where the time has gone since Easter I seam to have lost it, I started by going down to Brighton for a couple of days working came back for 24 hours then went off for a mini break to Bude, Cornwall, then came back from there and the next morning went to Cambridge to stay with my friend Polly to help sort her craft Cabin out, that needed a good sort out and organising,
 I lost track of the days, I was made very welcome at Polly's it was sort of work but we had a great time and even managed two half days of sewing ,
and then it begins again with another trip to Brighton on Thursday
Coastline at Bude, I just love it

 then I got my toes in the sand, just have to do that at least once a year.

So then to the sewing....Polly and I are embarking on a challenge, we are both making a dear Jane quilt, it has 226 blocks in total (mine is with a white background instead of a black in the picture)

we have a system for choosing which blocks we are making, with Polly picking the letters and me picking the numbers, this will stop us doing the easiest ones first and leaving the hard ones to the end, here are some of the blocks completed, watch this space for more progress.....but don't hold your breath we may be some time lol

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wheres my mojo????

Please someone find my mojo........I am missing it so much......
I have just had a week off work and normally I would be in the cabin making and you wouldn't get me out of there for love nor money, but I have only been in there to put things away,
 it is really upsetting me!!!
I have been trying and the other day I sat and did some colouring, which I really enjoyed but its not sewing !!
this morning I sat and watched Jennie Raymont on the telly and then I went out and made a bag, which was lovely but as soon as I had done I was out of there, I think I need people round me to get me going, I think I need a crafty friend close by !!
any takers??
so here is some of my colouring.
and the bag I made this morning


Monday, 6 April 2015

A Walk in the Park

Eventually the sun came out and we took the dogs off to the country park for a walk, there were a lot of people about so Murphy was a bit vocal, wanting to go and play with everyone, but Bob not fussed by anyone or anything, couldn't decide if he was scared of the stepping stones or wanted to have another go.......this is where the other day he couldn't work them out and ended up in the water!!! but this time there were kids playing on them so he didn't get a go and we went off in the other direction.
Bob, doing as he is told


Monday, 30 March 2015

Why do weekends go so fast??

It was fab but over way to fast! So Polly and Rebecca came to stay and play! arriving early Saturday and leaving early evening sunday, in that time (minus the time we took out to go fabric shopping) we spent in the cabin sewing,
Polly was working on the "shroud" a quilt she has been making for her mother for quite a few years which has been named "the shroud" polly planned to get 8 blocks done over the weekend but actualy doubled that and made 16 YAYY!!
while polly was working on that I was trying to encourage me sewing bug to return which has been MIA for some time.....this is what I came up with, rather like it i do !!!

needs tweaking which I will do with the second run, but very happy.
 our shopping trip was almost completely successful, Polly and I have decided to work on a Dear Jane quilt together so went off to buy fabric, I didn't come back with the yellow I needed but did get the rest so plenty to be getting on with, Polly didn't get her yellow either.....must be a shortage of yellow fabby we thinks!!
google Dear Jane quilt to see what its all about, we have a FB page set up....if any one wants to sew along with us just yell and I will add you to the group.
so a lovely weekend was had.....whens the next one ??


Saturday, 21 March 2015

I Need More Time To Play

Just thought I would chuck that in there..........Don't we all I her you yell.......YEP
this week I have made a floral clipboard chalkboard,
had great fun making mine and this morning the Kabin crafter girls had a go at it as well..........kept them quiet for a bit
oh and last week my latest page was in scrapbook magazine ....did you see it?

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Play time......

Tuesday......... I was able to spend the day in the Cabin and play and this is what I came up with, I turned this stampin up delivery box into a lovely storage box for some of my stamps.
lots of paint, paper and glue, I painted the box and parts, then stuck them all together and added paper then covered it all in a white glue and water solution to seal it

I left the back space the full width to allow room for my misty and stamping card

i'm going to make a smaller one to house all my project life card and bits and pieces.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My latest Doll quilt.

Here is my latest doll quilt and my last for a little while, taking a little break, got so much else to do, need to get ahead a little bit and try and find my sewing mojo, its hanging on by a thread at the minute.....I am loving playing with paper mind you!! anyway, I really enjoyed making this, it is n its way to the US....cant wait to see what comes back for me.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Where did this week go??

It has flown past and gone and we are now in March HURRAH......even closer to spring.
so what have I been up to this week?
a bit of colouring in that's what......
the first one was with Promarkers,
which I really do need to add to my collection, never seem to have the right colour !!
then I went onto my stampin up Blendabilities, just love the colour removing pen!!
and then back to the Promarkers, I need a bit of practice but am very happy with the results.


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fabric Play

 After losing my mojo over Christmas completely!!
 which is what normally happens,
I had managed to find my paper play mojo and was merrily playing with paper, "cutting n stickin"  but I couldn't find my fabric mojo.....twas nowhere to be seen !!
 but HURRAH I had a play today with fabric, not completely happy with the result but ok for a prototype,
so this is how it started....... 
and this is what it turned into, I used heavy iron on interfacing and then wadding but after much turning through etc it has got a bit creased, I have ironed but I am not happy with the result so I will try again, this time I will put the wadding on first then the heavy duty interfacing and see if that solves my little problem.
but happy..ish for a first run on it
glad I am inside today,
 tis awful out there windy and raining but I was
snug in my kabin.........still in my PJ's WHOOPS....well you have to sometimes don't you lol

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Fun Crafty Day

The girls came round and we did the first Kabin crafters workshop, we made the "Sunshine Heart", all of them are new to stamping but did a great job, so with yummy cake and laughs we had a great morning


Monday, 16 February 2015

Crafting Weekend

Well I had one day of me crafting where I made a bag for my new laptop, sorry I forgot to take a picture!!
and one day of running a workshop and craft day for the girls, so on Saturday I was at Rothley being enabled by the girls there....I came away with a Misti stamping system and then came home and ordered some new stamps, I cant wait to have a play!! watch this space!!
Sunday it was Dalby Crafters, we had a workshop, "Remember This" scrapbook page, with lots of laughs along the way as we always do
here is Rachaels take on the page mounted in a 3D frame
the girls working on the page


Sunday, 15 February 2015

January is Gone WOOHOO

Yay cause I hate January !!!
...not too keen on February either but that is half way done too so well on our way to march and longer days, more crafting time, time to get out in the garden, I have big plans for our garden this year, with the arrival of the "craft kabin"  I now want to sort the rest of the garden into a crafting, BBQing, relaxing place to this space,
 so to get me in the spirit I have been playing with a bit of paper and paint..........what do you think? 

I am wakening from my hibernation !!!