Tuesday, 27 December 2011


 Firstly i would like to show you what i received from Dawn in the lizzie kate exchange, love the design and the candles too
next is what i received from  my good friend Michelle for christmas, love it michelle, thank you x
and this is what i sent to michelle for christmas, luckily it did arrive in time for christmas phew .
i am getting a bit of stitching in this holiday luckily, one design finished and another nearly there, cant show anything yet though, and i am looking forward to a stitchy day on friday with the girls, not that i imagine much stitching will get done

right just off out for a "ladies what lunch" with the girls

Monday, 26 December 2011

Jakey's birthday

So where has the last week gone, it seemed to take a while to get here but its over in a flash, 
Christmas that is!
but just before we had jakey's birthday, i cant believe our little man is 3 already, 
where has that time gone?
jakey had a dino cake, i was going to get a lovely one made and they are gorgeous but then i thought why make such a great cake and then 5 minutes later cut it up and have nothing left of it so instead i got some toy Dinos and decorated a cake with them, best of both worlds, a cake and some toys to keep, he loves his dinos so i am happy with that,lots more candles that he should have had for his 3 years but he wanted more!
and of course as with all presents the box is the best bit, he was playing at being a robot with it lol

 and then we were quickly into christmas, i did manage a couple of pics of mia before the big day, but jake was a wirlwind of excitement so only managed a few blurred images lol
so a quiet boxing day for us, well we have the littlies here but jake is having a quiet hour upstairs in my bed watching a dvd and mia is snoozing on the sofa....so quiet for a few minutes anyway 

hope you have all had a lovely christmas and that things are good for the new year x x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

a few things to show........

Well it was the Scout Hut Crafters christmas party on sunday, we had such a good day as we always do, we decided to provide lunch for ourselves with everyone bringing in a dish of something, boy did we have a fantastic spread, we were eating all day but managed to clear most of it lol

i did take a few pics but with not my usual camera and not knowing how it works i didnt get too many good ones, (phew i hear you mutter) not to worry i did get a few, here is a rare one of jo and myself, and both smiling lol
we had our usual secret santa which was fab, look at all the exchanged goodies.....
this is what i received from lucy, absolutley spot on, i love it all thanks you lucy x
and this is what i gave to Sandra

 a close up of the tin i stitched the top and mounted it, and lined the tin with a padded base and inside the lid, rather wanted to keep it for myself lol

 we are meeting again in january, cant wait, see you all then x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

My birthday....

I had a great birthday,
went to work as usual but then off we went straight to Droitwich to spend the night an jackies house, we went out for a gorgeous carvery ....with pudding.......,
it was so great to see them after i think a year, and we had a great evening
 they surprised me with a gorgeous choccie birthday cake, although after pudding none of us could eat it!

thanks girls and thanks jackie and dave for being the perfect hosts x

we left jackies sunday morning and went off to have a wonder round Stratford upon Avon to do a little bit of christmas shopping,
and of course we had to call in to our fave little tea shop and partake in their gorgeous warm scones with jam and cream, which i have to say were better than ever

what a busy week

it was my birthday last saturday and among lots of gorgeous pressies and flowers i received this little beauty from michelle,
thank you michelle i love it
another finish i can show you is from the threads of life exchange this is what i made for Cynthia,
it has now arrived so i can show you

and just a little 5 minute make was this little owl,
think shes rather cute and like i said it only took 5 minutes to make

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A bit late but Halloween......

i forgot to post the pic of this gorgeous little halloween design, 
it is a freebie but i have no idea where i found it, 
so thank you to whovever it was that designed this, i just love, love, love it and had to stitch it as soon as i saw it
i have several other finishes but cant show you yet as they are waiting to be received!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A bit of something......

We had a great sunday at the Scout Hut,
totaly forgot to even get my camera out of my bag let alone take any pics lol
but i do have something to show you, firstly this gorgeous little christmas ornie from Rachael,
thanks Rachael i love it, this is for an ornie exchange we have taken part in
then i have a pear to show you lol,
at the scout hut on sunday Kerry had a gorgeous pear pin cushion,
it was realy taken with it so had to do my own and here it is, i am realy pleased with it and i'm sure there will be more lol

right off to do some stitching before work.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Get together in Derby

Well i am shattered after the Derby get together yesterday didnt get home till 9.45ish last night, just fell into bed with jakey boy who was snoring his head off by then!
had a fab day though, with big thanks to Rachael for organising it,
and thanks to Polly for taking me and thanks to Wendy for making me cry!!

and we managed a couple of nice photos too thanks to Ann for these,
and look Wendy is smiling,
i have a million more with wendy hiding lol

we had a great time laughing and stitching, i was working on my hexagon Mia quilt,
got a couple of rows done,
we then went off to the Toby carvery and had a lovely turkey meal AND a pudding, naughty naughty!!
then it was back to Rachaels for coffee, thanks Andy for the coffees,

so today we get to do it all again, this time its the Scout Hut Crafters day,
so i will be back later with more pics of the motley crew.
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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night.......

We took the littlies to an arranged bonfire and firworks display last night , something we dont normaly do, we normaly have a few firworks in the garden but after seeing the notice in a neighborouring village for £5 a family, well couldnt be cheaper so off we went and had to have a lovely burger too, well you have to dont you!!
after taking a million and one pics trying to get the occasion, i came up with these, i love the colour glow from the fire, which was huge and very warm lol
Jakey loved the fire to start with but soon got bored and went off to watch people with sparklers, Mia was mesmerised by the fire and couldnt take her eyes off it!

then the fireworks began, jakey wasnt quite so impressed with these as they were too noisey for him but he did enjoy them and i think loved the journey home the best seeing all the fireworks going off from the safety of the car lol

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Very sad........

At the minute our house is feeling very sad, and it has taken me a week to write this post, last friday, and very unexpected we lost our friend and family member Baldrick, he was just 9 years old and such a character, he was part of the family and had been with us since he was 10 weeks old, he had been having arthritus problems for a little while but had become very poorly last thursday during the night, at first thinking it was his legs again after having a bad time a month ago , it soon became clear this was something much more serious, arriving at the vets upon opening, it was clear it was bad and an hour later we were told he had a massive tumour and wouldnt survive surgery it was such a shock and just blew us all away, we had to let him go with very heavy hearts but with us all around him, we said goodbye
he has left a gaping hole and after not knowing how to tell our grandson jake , his mummy did a great job and after arriving home on saturday afternoon the first time seeing jake since we lost baldrick, jake took my by the hand, took me to where baldricks bed should have been and told me that we wouldnt be seeing baldrick again because he was fast fast asleep
what more can i say
not a lot because i am having trouble typing through the tears

night night Baldrick sleep tight x x

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crafty weekend makes....

I have just realised that i didn't show you what i made and received on the crafty weekend, i was very busy, probably the most productive weekend i have had for a long time that was all for me, well not probably but definitely!!
we made the gorgeous star cushion first, really enjoyed making this, so much so that i went on to make another one as a pin cushion along with another pin cushion just because i could! 
 i want to make one of all my scappy bits of fabric, i knew there was a reason why i saved all my tiddy little bits of fabric, at just 2.5" square i can get loads together, thats the hoarder in me!

then it was onto boxes, now knowing how much i love boxes and tins of any sort its no wonder i ended up making 3 of these 

we then had the exchange where i received this gorgeous necklace and bracelet from one of our wonderful beaders Sue (workshop from them (Sue and Annie) during the march weekend) 

 and to finish off i won this gorgeous little beaded bell in the raffle

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Conker picking.......

It was a week or so ago now but on the last lovely Sunday i had off and chance to spend with the littlies, the weather was gorgeous so off we went Jake, baby Mia and myself off round the village in search or conkers, we were gone for a bit longer than i had intended but it was lovely, jake finding all the conkers, kept him so busy for a good couple of hours and the pushchair was full lol, he kept saying "i'm not finished yet" and in the end when we were starting to lose the light he said "ok i'm finished now, shall we go home?"
its amazing how the little things are so wonderfull
 and here's our little Mia, the smiles are coming now, you just have to be so quick with the camera to catch them

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crafty weekend

Well another crafty weekend has been and gone and another fab time was had by all, 
and i have to say a very productive one, we made star cushions and fabric covered boxes as workshops, so over the weekend i made 1 large star cushion and 1 small star cushion a pin cushion and 3 fabric covered boxes, 
as well as catering for a dozen people or more over the weekend with two choices of meals on the menu each day, no wonder i came home on sunday evening shattered but very happy lol
                                                                people ....doing things!!
 more people doing things
some of the finished projects,
i will take some pics of my items tomorrow in better light!
i just love these weekends and cant wait till the end of march for the next one, and if the weather is good the tent will be needed as well!!