Thursday, 16 January 2014

O M Word- i Hadn't realised........

It had been that long since i have posted!!!!
well what can i tell you
we have had Jake's 5th birthday, where has the time gone, hes growing up so fast, 
please slow down i don't want to miss a thing!!
here he is on his birthday pressie
and i just have to show you this one lol
he is just great in front of the camera look at the eyes lol
and this is a page i did for jakes birthday and was my class page for january.
what else.....................oh yes the first Sew-it sewing club started on jan the 4th
9 lovely ladies came along and had a fab day on their sewing machines

this week i have had 3 classes doing the boys toys scrap page and then on sunday we had the owl bag workshop
and here are the completed bags

so thats been it in a nut shell, 
apart from Mia Moo, just wanted to add her in the post, 
Mia who is growing fast and such a  madam lol

right i really must try and post more often and keep up with the goings on
we are off to Harlow on saturday for jamies 21st birthday party,  (Caras boyfriend)
actualy his birthday today 
Happy Birthday Jamie
Hope you have a great day xx

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