Friday, 6 December 2013

WI christmas party

Wow where is the time going, 
it was my WI christmas party on wednesday , 
lots of food to nibble on, wine and merriment
plus a couple of quizzes to keep us entertained and comps too, this time it was a card competition and a mince pie comp, i couldnt enter the card comp as i was judge but i could enter the mince pie comp, it was to produce 3 mince pies on a plate....
here is one of my mince pies...mmmm.....cause after the tasting by the judges i ate the other one lol
so imagine this times 3!!
my crumble topped mince pie
there were 16 entries ....and i was in the top 4 WOOHOO ,
 i say top 4 because they tasted all 16 (hard work i'm sure lol) they got it down to 4 possibles then they picked winner and runner i was in the top 4.....pretty happy with that lol

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stitcheranon said...

Lovely. Congratulations! I know how hard the WI judging can be xx