Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sewing Retreat....fantastic!!

I have been waiting a year for this and this weekend just gone i went off with 7 other ladies to a converted barn in the middle of no where, (phone signal was non existent) for a sewing retreat, 

normaly on these occasions not a lot is produced but feeding off everyone else we were all very productive, and this is my collection of makes

oh my what a fantastic weekend, great company, great food, the start of some new friendships and a continuation of others, some of the ladies i havent seen in about 4 years (as we tried to work it out lol)
on the way it was chucking it down and bloomin cold but the sun did come out each day after a frosty start not that it mattered i only stepped outside once to take the rubbish to the bin lol.

what a fantastic weekend, thank you kirsty and the rest for a fab time.
cant wait for the next time.

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Michelle said...

Lovely Lorna reminds me of the stitching retreats I to in France x