Monday, 19 August 2013


A couple of hour of crafting!!
trying to get my mojo back, since being back at work and being SOOOOO tired my crafting mojo took flight and was off, 
so i am trying to get it back from wherever it had migrated too!!
not the best picture as always, taken in the dark again,
 this working lark even gets in the way of taking a photo in daylight !!
it was scout hut crafters yesterday and although i didn't actual do anything i did get the urge for making a quilt, 
Jill was making a gorgeous purple and green one and after discovering a new found love of green, it was really calling to me, so Sunday i am off fabric shopping, i was going to be buying Christmas fabric but spent far too much on that on Saturday when i found just what i needed, so Sunday will be quilt fabric me thinks,
mmmmm what design shall i do!?!?

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