Monday, 15 April 2013

Craft Room

i am always struggling for space to craft, i have the spare bedroom, for my scrapping althought i share it with a grandlittly, not easy in the single spare room, i have the dining room with my sewing and boxes of fabric and i still end up crafting in the kitchen lol but yesterday we had to change things around upstairs taking the toddler bed out of my craft room and replacing it with mias cot, jakey is going to sleep on the futon in our bedroom until i can finish my plans for my crafting space which will eventualy move downstairs leaving the littlies to have the spare room to themselves!!...........but before i can do that i need to remodel the hall at the bottom of the stairs, quite a big space and at the minute full of wood-n-stitches stock boxes but once i have taken the door off the under stairs cupboard most of those can live under there leaving me with quite a big space to turn into a craft area, we dont use the front door much any way only opening it to the post man on occasion!! so one thing at a time, the spare bedroom, wish i had taken a before photo but it is at least in some sort of order.....for now until phase two gets into action lol

 not a huge space but it will do for now and after decluttering a bit i can actualy work in there, normaly i have a pile of stuff on jakeys bed and when he wants to sleep in it i have to pile it on the desk, not ideal lol


Akila said...

It's great to have a craft's corner for isn't it? Eager to see yours :)

Michelle said...

Its a lovely space Lorna - I love looking at pictures of craft rooms x

Rach G said...

I hope when you are feeling better you can get this done, Hugs xxx