Tuesday, 15 January 2013

BBBRRR isnt it cold outside?

So lets stay in and play, my latest offerings are of the paper variety, two layouts of the littlies, both lots of pictures taken last summer when we were warm...but we were wet most of the time werent we!!
 well this was a break in the rain to give us a couple of lovely days of taking pics and playing in the garden, Mia pics taken in the back garden, Jakies pics taken on holiday.
the flowers in the first layout are fabric, got to get fabric in there somewhere lol
 i have also been playing with a card kit i have been putting together, complete with stamp, a couple of samples for ideas
 not the best of pictures, taken in the dark, cant wait for some sunhine and warmth!!

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Karen said...

All are gorjus Lorna, really gorjus.

Love Karen x