Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Knock knock

Removes cobwebs from across the door.......
OK so no i have not dropped off the edge of the earth, i am still alive and kicking.....cant believe it was august the last time i posted, where does the time go!!

life has been so busy with lots of things going on....now let me think, i am still taking classes at crafty daze, these are keeping me busy but loving them, here are a couple of recent ones
time has already been in a evening class and will be coming in a Friday class in December.
the exploding box was a Friday class last month
Laugh is coming on the 20th November, there are more to follow when i take some pics.
We have had dalby day and although it was a little bit miserable we had a great day, the rain held off until pack up time, and we took the gazebo down in the pouring rain ....shiver, i hate being wet!!
and on the subject of dalby day i now have the job of booking all the stalls in for the event....GULP!!

what else....
oh yes during the summer i joined old dalby women's institute, great fun, within 2 meetings i had been co opted onto the committee, How did that happen? and more recently we had the annual general meeting to form a new committee and although i intended staying on the committee(if they would have me) i had no intention of taking on any roles.......so i ended up being treasurer HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??.....

we are in the middle of arranging a CCF event...."Crafty Christmas Fair" with lots to do crafty wise, lots of coffee and cake and some shopping too., so lots to keep me out of mischief
phew what else.....
oh yes we have had the scout hut crafters crafty weekend recently, including sleepover which was great fun as always, i didn't get chance to take part in the exchange this time, which i am gutted about as i love them, so we are having a christmas exchange and i actualy started it (miss organised) no meeting in November due to too many shows and my birthday weekend away in stratford, 
so back in December for the Christmas party

well in a nutshell i think thats pretty much brought it all up to date, 
will be back soon with more photos

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