Sunday, 1 April 2012

Its back!!!

my paper craft mojo that is!
i used to do a lot of paper craft, with cards many many moons ago and then scrap booking, but in recent years it has all gone on the back burner for my fabric, i used to be able to alternate it quite well, but not recently and i missed it greatly but with me being off work these passed few weeks it suddenly made a return WOOHOO and after starting a mini book when Mia was born last august and me only getting 2 pages in, i have at last finished the mini book and made a ton of cards, (here are a few of them, don't want to bore you with pics of the many lol) 
i also went off to do a scrapbook workshop with my daughter and my mum, we had a lovely evening and came back with a gorgeous page on Mia, (pics to follow tomorrow)we are going to make it a regular event and have booked in for the next one, Jake is the subject next time.
 on my mojo returning and my search for all my STASH, what happens to it all? where are all my punches, a box full, no clue to their whereabouts and lots of other stash items where to be seen.....oh well stash shopping it is then......i am so pleased that my mojo has returned after a few years ab-sense.....
now lets see if i can balance it with my fabric, 
i really don't want to go back to work on Thursday, 
come on lottery win i need you!

watch this space i have many pics to take tomorrow when jake has gone home and i have time to play.


Michelle said...

Oh Lorna
Glad your mojo returned. Hey when you have that lottery win remember me and I can be a lady of leisure with you x

lorna said...

your on mihelle x

Mouse said...

ooo well done beautiful cards you have made ... for some reason missed the post below .. love your wee box you made too :)
can't wait to see the scrap booking .. not done any for ages .. and enjoy your stash shopping too :)
love mouse xxxxx