Thursday, 1 September 2011

1st September!

Its the 1st September already oh my where has the summer gone,  where has it been? because it hasn't been here! i have been waiting for it, but it didn't come! its the coolest summer since 1993!
i am not looking forward to winter, i have bad memories of last winter, i was ill for most of it and i really don't want to go there again....think positive lol i will be fine!
so onto other things, 
we are in a busy month without a day off until October, we have the usual markets, craft fairs, scout hut crops and nec trade shows to keep us busy
but i am determined to get a little stitching in to keep me sane and give me an hour here and there to relax
a sneaky peak of what i am working on at the mo......

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Michelle said...

I agree - time is running away. Mind you my favourite seasons Autumn and Winter are nearly here and I know you like these as much as I do - you are keeping busy - take time to rest up xx