Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wheres my mojo????

Please someone find my mojo........I am missing it so much......
I have just had a week off work and normally I would be in the cabin making and you wouldn't get me out of there for love nor money, but I have only been in there to put things away,
 it is really upsetting me!!!
I have been trying and the other day I sat and did some colouring, which I really enjoyed but its not sewing !!
this morning I sat and watched Jennie Raymont on the telly and then I went out and made a bag, which was lovely but as soon as I had done I was out of there, I think I need people round me to get me going, I think I need a crafty friend close by !!
any takers??
so here is some of my colouring.
and the bag I made this morning


Monday, 6 April 2015

A Walk in the Park

Eventually the sun came out and we took the dogs off to the country park for a walk, there were a lot of people about so Murphy was a bit vocal, wanting to go and play with everyone, but Bob not fussed by anyone or anything, couldn't decide if he was scared of the stepping stones or wanted to have another go.......this is where the other day he couldn't work them out and ended up in the water!!! but this time there were kids playing on them so he didn't get a go and we went off in the other direction.
Bob, doing as he is told