Wednesday, 10 June 2015


 ok I need some help here, is there another blog host that is easier to upload photos than here, not sure if things have changed, I used to have my photos all ready uploaded when I logged on I just clicked from my phone and there they all were.....not any more now I have to upload them which takes ages, it can take about half an hour just to do a post, I love blogging but cant find the time to sit for half an hour just for one blog post....there has got to be a quicker way than this.....come on folks tell me where I should be.
and in the mean and the littlies, Saturday tea time we all went for a carvery, it was lovely to relax with the littlies playing.
May bank holiday weekend Polly came to play and we had 3 fantastic days sewing and creating, we got the Disney embroidery machine working and made some bags and purses sporting Eeyore, can you guess which colour is mine and which is polly's??
 since Polly went home BOOHOO I have managed to find a little play time to make these two beauties, I still need to make 3 more, they are for gift bags for an event later in the year, need to fill them with goodies but not sure what to put in them.

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