Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sewing Time and News

 So all that rain on sunday stopped us doing the usual wonder round carboot then brekkie out etc etc, although i did go out for a bit i had time to play and get some sewing done, 
this was the result, 
quite happy with my efforts, just loving the colours on these fabrics!!
this will be a workshop at craftydaze in march ....keep reading for the news.....
and that leads neatly onto my NEWS,
 for a couple of years now i have been wanting to reduce my hours at work and do a few more workshops, although i do manage to get a couple in each month at the shop i just cant fit in the amount people want without being out both days at the weekend leaving no time for me or family, everytime i have geared my self up to do it illness has prevented me.....
 SSSOOO touch wood nothing else will go wrong with my health,
 i am now pain free and feeling so much better (although some what tired at times lol)
SO ITS TIME.........
as of the begginning of March SEW-IT will be @craftydaze EVERY TUESDAY, (as well as my weekends- nothing will change there)

so lots more new workshops to come, please call back to see whats going on and if you fancy coming and joining in the fun just yell.


Alex Christian said...

About time! ;) lol Good luck and have loads of fun, onwards and upwards xx

sachin bhardwaj said...

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