Wednesday, 7 August 2013

And back to work i go....

After 3 and a half months off work i ventured back last thursday, i have missed everyone and all the banter but really didnt want to go back, after being able to go in my craft room whenever i fancied during the day and over flowing with ideas and producing to my hearts my head is empty !!

i have been in my craft room!!  i have been cutting all week for my sewing box workshop on sunday, 
just lots n lots of cutting lol
lots of ladies all making this.
so i need some inspiration for my next project mmmmmmm what to do,. 
a room full of stuff and no idea what to play with next, i'm sure something will come to me when i'm not so tired lol, 
might have an early finish today!!
in fact i will have an early finish today!!


Michelle said...

Wow that time went quickly Lorna hope you are well x

Mouse said...

gosh that time has flown and sorry you have had to go back ... but it does pay for the stash enhancement
gorgeous exploding box :) love mouse xxxxx