Sunday, 30 June 2013

Love it....

I am loving the paper pack by craftwork cards the "Time Flies Collection" i knew which picture to use for this layout and just love the result, 
painting and inking a plenty!!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bead Play

 Had a bit of bead play recently, 
well made them a couple of weeks ago but didn't have the ends to finish them off but i found them while out and about and finished them off, 
its scout hut crafters tomorrow and for ease of carrying and cause i haven't had the inclination to play with my sewing machine since my op i am going to be bead playing, oh to not have to do 10 trips to the car will be heaven lol

so what else has been going off, not a lot, still off work for another 4 weeks, feeling a whole lot better but still tired and these hot flushes well they are the pits, how long will they last? it had better stop soon, probably be ok in the winter lol but in the summer its not good!! got out of bed this morning thinking DH had closed the window but no it was open and not helping me at all!! oh well mustn't grumble at least i am pain free now....well mostly!!

well be back later with something else i am sure ta ta.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

More Paper Play

 So still playing with paper, yesterday i made these sentiment cards from some indigoblu stamps, was going with colour themes, with some heat embossing and lots of inking, there usually is inking where i am concerned!!
 love the results
 No inking in sight here though for these mini books, using kanban papers some distressing and ribbon
 my much loved flowers are in again
 still with kanban papers but a brighter fun look to this one, just need the sun to hang around for a bit to get some good days out and i might be able to get some pics to go in them lol

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Found it-Panic over

My Mojo that is, its back phewww, a few cards made, two mini album covers decorated, i just wish my sewing mojo would return, i will keep looking for that one. i will take pics of the cards etc in a mo, but i do have a scrap page to show you.
 I sat in on one of Liz's classes yesterday, which was lovely and relaxing, really enjoyed myself, this is Mia playing in the park last week, an opportunity to get the camera out of course and took quite a few photos, as you do!!
 be back soon with more pics.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mojo, Mojo....... where are you

 My mojo seems to be lost,
 i have just paced up and down all day and not managed much at all, i did get my melt pot out and did this little pendent, it is sitting on a canvas that i was messing with with ink and paste
 and a little flower that is sitting on a canvas which also has paste and mica powder and some stamping, none of it had turned into a finished anything just messing!!
wish i could just get my teeth into something, i did start another project but didnt get very far with that either because it wasnt going how i wanted it to and i dont know how to make it go right!!
tut tut siiigghhhh SSIIIGGGHHHH
what to do with myself???

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ooooo I Love Tins!!

 And i love decorating them, and boxes, big ones little ones doesnt matter!
and i love flowers so of course they had to go on the lid, 
so swirly flowers, punched leaves, inking, clear heat embossing and a touch of ribbon.

And a scrapbook page,
 Niall and Daisy, with a simple black and white layout, no inking, no embossing, no dies cuts, just hand cutting, 3d foam !! oh i lie, the title "Happiness" are die cut letters.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Inky fingers......

 Its not unusual to see me with inky fingers,happens quite often and people always say to me i can see what colours you have been playing with lol, but i have been doing it well and truly over the last few days, unfortunate i have to go see the surgeon this afternoon with inky fingers lol....never mind!!
 i was just playing with my distress inks and a bit of mount board and my usual Flowers and leaves and made this little wall hanging, loved the sentiment, some stamps were added to the mix and a clay butterfly...oh yes Cara where are my silicon moulds???
 Very happy with that but thought i would like to go a bit bigger, so i did.........
 More ink, more stamps, some water, more flowers , more leaves lol and some lace thrown in for good measure, i had great fun, and just love it.
after trying unsuccessfully to get rid of all the ink i have moved onto my next project, 
no ink involved just lots of cutting out !!!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Beads and boxes

An evening of beading, (while Stephen was at work) produced this, i just loved the beads when i saw them and had to have them, it was so simple to do and very quick, getting quite a collection of beads and projects to do mmmmmm what to do next, the thing is do i do paper, fabric or beads, that's always the problem with me, so much to do i cant decide!!
 So here are the fabric bits i have produced, just love these boxes, could be a sewing box, jewellery box, whatever you want box
 loved them so much i have made 3 so far and plan to make more lol, 
now then what am i gong to play with next??

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Some more......

 Just a couple of cards that i missed off from yesterdays post
then i have something of the fabric variety to show you

 back later with the next project

Monday, 3 June 2013

So I'm feeling better......

That means a bit of crafting has been sneaking back into my life lol
well it has to come back in some time doesnt it, plus the sun is shining and that always makes me feel so much better, as long as there is a chair to hand for me to park my bum ( with cara's voice in the back groud-- "i hope your sitting down") i am feeling good and happy and nearly pain free!!
so here are some cards i have made, the decoupage was done when i really couldnt move an awful lot, so with tray and feet up in front of the telly i did the decoupage then later sat at my craft table i made them into cards, in fact the pink set i did the decoupage in bed one morning lol
of course some of my hand made flowers had to sneak into the proceedings didnt they!!


 i have a few more bits to show you when i take some more pics