Thursday, 4 April 2013

Where is the Spring??

This is my usual week off work and i am normaly out side doing something  with shoes or sandels on rather than socks and boots, its not right , its not right i tell you, whoever has the spring locked up under the stairs please let it out, we REALY need it now,
 the sun is trying to shine but i've just been out to do the chucks and got blown all down the garden with a face full of corn....not nice, the chucks keep going inside to get away from the wind, 
come on spring PWEEAASE!!!

so cause i cant get outside i have been made to play on my machine,
 the cushions from my last post done, 
a reversible apron done, 
some bunting done, 
a book cover done, 
and like i said before i forgot to take a pic of the apron, and the bunting and its not here for me to take any now!, 
i did manage some pics of my notebook cover though........

non crafty today i have cleaned the bathroom, hoovered all through up and down, tidied the hall (and thats a big job with a mountain of boxes i can tell you) cleaned the kitchen, have a lasagna in the oven, surely i can get back to some craft now!?
 mmmmm what to do first.......


Bev Bendall said...

hi lorna what a palava to write a few words on your blog! can't wait to do apron. x

Michelle said...

Lovely notebook Lorna - I agree where is this year going x