Thursday, 25 April 2013

Apron at last !!

So eventualy i did take those pics of my apron a week or more ago and i was going to show you them a little while ago but i have been laying around doing nothing much, in short i have just spent a week in a hospital bed, 
i am home now and am waiting to go back into hospital for a hysterectomy(sp) you may remember me having my gal bladder out last year, well that wasnt the problem at all, and after me keep going back and going back saying nope that wasnt it, last wednesday morning i ended going into hospital in the back of an ambulance in the worst pain i have ever felt in my life, after a week of tests and scans it turns out i have been  growing a cyst  the size of a baby (or thats what they think it is at the minute), won't go into any more detail than that, 
my ears have been burning today as the docs with the powers that be have been talking about me and i have to go back in on monday to get the results of said meeting, and hopefuly a date for them to sort me out, so my promise to myself to keep my blog more upto date went straight out of the window, so i will be disappearing again

anyway back to the apron, cant think what to say about it now, a double sided apron, patchwork oneside and applique the other, very happy with the result and expertly modelled by linda!!

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Michelle said...

Oh Lorna I am so sorry you have been unwell - I had no idea. Sending you many hugs - Apron is lovely xx if you need anything let me know xx