Thursday, 25 April 2013

Apron at last !!

So eventualy i did take those pics of my apron a week or more ago and i was going to show you them a little while ago but i have been laying around doing nothing much, in short i have just spent a week in a hospital bed, 
i am home now and am waiting to go back into hospital for a hysterectomy(sp) you may remember me having my gal bladder out last year, well that wasnt the problem at all, and after me keep going back and going back saying nope that wasnt it, last wednesday morning i ended going into hospital in the back of an ambulance in the worst pain i have ever felt in my life, after a week of tests and scans it turns out i have been  growing a cyst  the size of a baby (or thats what they think it is at the minute), won't go into any more detail than that, 
my ears have been burning today as the docs with the powers that be have been talking about me and i have to go back in on monday to get the results of said meeting, and hopefuly a date for them to sort me out, so my promise to myself to keep my blog more upto date went straight out of the window, so i will be disappearing again

anyway back to the apron, cant think what to say about it now, a double sided apron, patchwork oneside and applique the other, very happy with the result and expertly modelled by linda!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Craft Room

i am always struggling for space to craft, i have the spare bedroom, for my scrapping althought i share it with a grandlittly, not easy in the single spare room, i have the dining room with my sewing and boxes of fabric and i still end up crafting in the kitchen lol but yesterday we had to change things around upstairs taking the toddler bed out of my craft room and replacing it with mias cot, jakey is going to sleep on the futon in our bedroom until i can finish my plans for my crafting space which will eventualy move downstairs leaving the littlies to have the spare room to themselves!!...........but before i can do that i need to remodel the hall at the bottom of the stairs, quite a big space and at the minute full of wood-n-stitches stock boxes but once i have taken the door off the under stairs cupboard most of those can live under there leaving me with quite a big space to turn into a craft area, we dont use the front door much any way only opening it to the post man on occasion!! so one thing at a time, the spare bedroom, wish i had taken a before photo but it is at least in some sort of order.....for now until phase two gets into action lol

 not a huge space but it will do for now and after decluttering a bit i can actualy work in there, normaly i have a pile of stuff on jakeys bed and when he wants to sleep in it i have to pile it on the desk, not ideal lol

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh Boy is it Windy....

Beautiful and sunny but boy is it windy out there, cant have it all i surpose, i did get my washing dry in record time though , with me watching it out the window and pegging it back on everything a peg pinged off lol dont think i have many pegs left!!

anyway i am waffling, i have been fabric shopping this morning and i bought these bright and beautifuls among quite a bit more!
and this for a dress i have in mind, havnt made any clothing in a long time but i am going to give it a go......when i get the time, mmmm hope its my colour, i love it just hope it looks good in a dress!! what do you think??

Thursday, 11 April 2013

WOOHOO its here....

My melt pot that is, 
was so waiting for this to arrive so i could play, LOVE LOVE LOVE it,  just need the time to have a good session with it, had a little play last night, and after a couple of dodgy efforts i did eventually get the hang of it and am very happy with my first item, just a little flower arrangement but i love it.
so it can change a flimzy squashable bit of paper....... 

 into a solid shiny gorgeous piece...there is so much more to do with it but for now thats a good start,
 so this is my first finished piece, just a little  flower arrangement
 i am going to sooo enjoy playing and learning all about this piece of loveliness....

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Gold Fingers

Still haven't taken a picture of the apron, i really must do that!! 
So i have been playing with gold ink spray last night and wood and paper, gorgeous inky fingers now and this is what i came up with...........well three of them and more to come.
 the picture is not the best in the 5am light lol

 oh and look, after the gorgeous (well gorgeous from what we have been getting lately) weekend there is life out there, my rhubarb is waking up!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Where is the Spring??

This is my usual week off work and i am normaly out side doing something  with shoes or sandels on rather than socks and boots, its not right , its not right i tell you, whoever has the spring locked up under the stairs please let it out, we REALY need it now,
 the sun is trying to shine but i've just been out to do the chucks and got blown all down the garden with a face full of corn....not nice, the chucks keep going inside to get away from the wind, 
come on spring PWEEAASE!!!

so cause i cant get outside i have been made to play on my machine,
 the cushions from my last post done, 
a reversible apron done, 
some bunting done, 
a book cover done, 
and like i said before i forgot to take a pic of the apron, and the bunting and its not here for me to take any now!, 
i did manage some pics of my notebook cover though........

non crafty today i have cleaned the bathroom, hoovered all through up and down, tidied the hall (and thats a big job with a mountain of boxes i can tell you) cleaned the kitchen, have a lasagna in the oven, surely i can get back to some craft now!?
 mmmmm what to do first.......