Sunday, 30 December 2012

My lovely sewing machine.....

So i treated myself to a lovely new sewing machine not so long ago....the Janome dxl 603, lovely little machine, so i was itching to get something made on it over the holidays......
so here we go,
 firstly a diary cover, cause if i have a book i have to cover it lol, loved making this, as i always do, and all the lovely stitches that the machine has came into play,
 wasnt sure i would use them, but oh yes i think i will be using them quite a bit

Daisy saw my diary and wanted a book too, she has just had a lovely new diary for christmas so a note book it was then.

then it was the cushion....are you seeing a theme yet lol, yes the stitches are every where at the minute, this will be a class @craftydaze in the near future
i have also made a baby quilt but i will take pics of that soon as it is not quite finished yet, not on the same theme though, but lots of freehand quilting this space.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm Stitching!!!!

For the first time since February when i was off work recovering from my op and forced to sit on my bum for a few weeks lol, time has flown since then  and i haven't picked up any thread, but its Christmas day and i always sit and stitch while they are all still in bed, the turkey is in the oven the bacon is boiling on the hob......and i am stitching Halloween....yes Halloween at Christmas lol
well it doesn't matter what i stitch does it! i do need to find my lamp though cause my poor eyes are struggling lol
well back to it
Happy Christmas everyone xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Its almost here.....

and i'm almost done, well really its just going for wonder round the shops and if i see something for someone then they get it!
it was the scout hut crafters christmas party last sunday, a lovely day as always, i didnt take anything to do but did end up making a beaded bauble which has resulted in me making another beaded bauble and buying some beads, mmmm another reason to buy stash me thinks!!
i can see mistakes in it but i am very happy, with no instructions or pattern to follow!
 we had our usual exchange and boy look at this that i received from Kerry
isnt it gorgeous, i had such a grin on my face, thank you Kerry

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's did that happen

The last time i looked it was november......but i have been bus as usual, we had a weekend in stratford, which was just lovely as usual, a fab place to just relax, while we were there we had visitors for dinner one evening, Jak and Dave and Debbie and Tony met us for a meal which was great, and hopefuly will see them soon and not leave it another year!!!

Last week was the Old dalbyWI Christmas crafty fair, what a fab day that was, with crafts to have a go at  (we made christmas ornies, gift boxes,wine glass charms, ginger bread men and yummy choccies)and with pressies to buy from the stalls and of course the customary cake and coffee , it turned out to be a tiring but fantastic day.

We (wood and stitches) stood at the Melton Mowbray Victorian fair as usual this week what a great day it was, albeit bloomin freezing!! with bands playing, carol singers, lots to see and do and lots of food to be had with the odd mulled wine thrown in it was fab, you really should give it a go.....

so what next, well tonight i have a scrapbook class at Crafty daze, "It's a Boy thing"
then lots more to come next year need to get my scrapping head on and get some pages prepared....
but for now its pretty much party up to christmas....
our trip to london for a bit of shopping this sunday, cant wait.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

My legs hurt...

Yesterday we went to the NEC for the day, not been in several years so was really looking forward to it, had a great day and spent lots, probably too much but could have spent far more lol, was slightly disapointed there were not many scrapbooking stalls, in fact didnt buy, not even one sheet of 12x12 but i did manage to buy lots of other goodies, so had a fab day but now am paying for legs hurt greatly!!

onto other scrappy things though, last sunday at crafty daze we had the BIG ONE scrapbook class, two designers, liz and myself came up with a double page layout each, so  4 pages from one of the tilda paper ranges, we then were to teach one of our double layouts with instructions for the second, but we had a speedy bunch in the class with scissors and sticky flying  they went away at the end of the day with all 4 pages complete, well done girls
here are Liz's 2 pages
 and here are my 2 pages

just working on a "its a Boy thing" page at the minute,
 almost finished, picture to follow soon........

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Knock knock

Removes cobwebs from across the door.......
OK so no i have not dropped off the edge of the earth, i am still alive and kicking.....cant believe it was august the last time i posted, where does the time go!!

life has been so busy with lots of things going let me think, i am still taking classes at crafty daze, these are keeping me busy but loving them, here are a couple of recent ones
time has already been in a evening class and will be coming in a Friday class in December.
the exploding box was a Friday class last month
Laugh is coming on the 20th November, there are more to follow when i take some pics.
We have had dalby day and although it was a little bit miserable we had a great day, the rain held off until pack up time, and we took the gazebo down in the pouring rain ....shiver, i hate being wet!!
and on the subject of dalby day i now have the job of booking all the stalls in for the event....GULP!!

what else....
oh yes during the summer i joined old dalby women's institute, great fun, within 2 meetings i had been co opted onto the committee, How did that happen? and more recently we had the annual general meeting to form a new committee and although i intended staying on the committee(if they would have me) i had no intention of taking on any i ended up being treasurer HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??.....

we are in the middle of arranging a CCF event...."Crafty Christmas Fair" with lots to do crafty wise, lots of coffee and cake and some shopping too., so lots to keep me out of mischief
phew what else.....
oh yes we have had the scout hut crafters crafty weekend recently, including sleepover which was great fun as always, i didn't get chance to take part in the exchange this time, which i am gutted about as i love them, so we are having a christmas exchange and i actualy started it (miss organised) no meeting in November due to too many shows and my birthday weekend away in stratford, 
so back in December for the Christmas party

well in a nutshell i think thats pretty much brought it all up to date, 
will be back soon with more photos

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Times flying!

Nearly half way through August already, time is just flying at the minute, i am managing a little bit of making, well lots of it actualy, with work and it is seat cover time but the nice making such as quilting and paper , i am getting them in but would like to be doing more......

so in no particular order this is what i have been upto in the last couple of weeks......
"New Beginning "
a september scrapclass, with Amee and Jakey as a baby it has hidden journalling under the photo.

The Exploding box or flopping box as Linda calls it lol, this is an october class

and this was my marathon card making session, i had just a few hours to make these cards for a friend, 24 of them, with hand made envelopes too, in between setting up for womens institute and then clearing away again, running round the village like a mad women i was, finished at 1am then was in work for 6.30am....rather tired i was lol but got them done.
 i do have my next project on the work table a works in progress at the minute but  as soon as i finish you will see it...........
now off for my jacket spud.

Monday, 23 July 2012

This and That.....

 So yesterday was Scout Hut craft day and although a bit thin on the ground the sun was out and we had a lovely day and i actualy did something, i played with paper, stamps and ink and came up with this hanging christmas ornie, very pleased with the result....they want it as an october class project!!

 i have also been busy with classes for crafty daze there are lots more classes coming all the time and this is one for end august the photo cube pyramid, lots more class pics to follow when i remember to take pics lol

 like i said it was scout hut sunday and we got to go outside for a few minutes....look at that blue sky.
 and lastly a pic of one of the kittens now 5 weeks old....boy its a hard life being a kitten lol
thats it i'm off to my bed.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

So whats been going on??

 Well we have been to Devon on holiday, dodged the rain, well in fact we were very lucky after it raining on and off on the saturday the sun came out on sunday and stayed with us until thursday when it rained all day until teatime when it stopped and didnt start again so i got my wish of time on the beach so that made me very happy....and jake too

 we came back to my Lola having produced 5 gorgeous little kitties, just knew she was going to do it while we were away but she coped brilliantly and is a wonderful mum, i don't have a pic on here yet but i will do very soon
the rest has really been getting back into work which is very busy as always, working on some sewing orders i needed to get done, sorting out generally, with lots more of that to be done lol trying to get a bit of paper crafting in but not really succeeding very much (more on that to follow very soon.)

  but we did get time to take the littlies strawberry picking on sunday, and what must you do when you go strawberry them of course

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

You-nique Class page

We, being Mum, Amee, Cara and myself went off to Crafty Daze last night for the You-nique class, we really enjoyed it and came out with a gorgeous page each
realy enjoyed myself as did the rest lol, thanks Claire and everyone else, a very enjoyable evening.

Monday, 11 June 2012

More paper play

We had the scout hut get together yesterday which is always a fun day, we were a bit quieter yesterday with a few of the noisy ones away lol but had a great day and i got lots done, 
after playing with lots of yummy tilda papers and ink covering lots of wooden hearts i then went on to doing a LO i wanted to do for a class, 
i had done my version with my papers, i then needed to do it with the class papers, i like to do it this way so i get to keep one for me and to leave one in the shop album
 this is my early august class page "Forever Love" (my copy) the shop version is already hanging in the gallery in the shop
 and this is the late August class page (i have 2 in august) "Little Beauty" top one is shop copy and bottom one is my copy, changed round because of the photo's

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thank you ladies

At Crafty Daze for making me feel so welcome, i missed some of the regular friday girls who were on holidays but we all had a lovely day and all pages turned out lovely, well done girls you did great, see you soon x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Scrap class....

Tomorrow is my scrap class at Crafty Daze (melton mowbray)
"Live life to the full"
Friday 8th June 10.30am - 3.30pm £10
Tuesday 26th June 7pm - 10.30pm £10
 next month we have the "Smile" page
Friday 13th July 10.30am - 3.30pm £10
Tuesday 17th July 7pm - 10.30pm £10
i have 2 pages in August  pictures to follow , if you visit the shop you can see page 1, 
page 2 to follow soon

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Busy Jubilee weekend

Phew and breath... WOW what a weekend, it was fantastic, 
did you celebrate?
just before christmas i saw a notice in the local parish mag calling for help in organising the jubilee weekend, we, DH and myself went off to the first meeting and came out on the commitee, after monthly meetings and lots of planning it all came together on sunday and monday, 
Sunday --we had a street party(well village hall party because of the rain) including a flag made of cakes , jubilee hat competition, pot luck/bring and share lunch which was amazing, packed together tightly in the village hall we all had a fantastic afternoon.

Monday --was change of venue, down to the cricket ground,(and the weather changed too and was fantastic to us all day) with more cake than anyone could ever need, tea and coffee and juice for the kids on the go all afternoon, while rounders and a "its a knock out" kept everyone entertained all afternoon, we then went onto a BBQ, bring and cook your own food which worked perfectly, we were then entertained by the fantastic Govannen, that had us all up and dancing into the darkness until we lit the Beacon.
a fantastic weekend although absolutley shattered on tuesday, good job we had that day to recover.

Friday, 18 May 2012

So what do you think

I have been playing and came up with these cake stands, 
what do you think?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Scrapbook class.....

I will be teaching 2 scrapbook classes in june at Crafty Daze, Melton Mowbray, 
"Live life to the full"
day class on friday 8th june, 10am till 3.30pm(class full)
evening class tuesday 26th june, 7pm till 10.30pm (places available)
£10 for the class
 to book either call the shop 01664 500804 
or leave me a message and i will do it for you

Two different colourways to chose from

Friday, 11 May 2012

the scrapbook bit........

 A couple of pages i did recently, the first was just me messing trying to get myself going again and into the swing of scrapping , i have been looking around and there is so much new stash out there, my purse has had a bit of a battering but i am enjoying it
 the second is a page i did at a workshop, the pic of jake opens to reveal a couple of smaller pics but the inside needs a little bit of something else......
lots of ideas going on in my head but what happenes ....the printer runs out of ink mid print, typical, anyway i have a couple of pics to play with so watch this space.......