Thursday, 17 April 2014

WI Competition

 Last week was our WI and we had a competition, which we have every month, you dont have to join in but points are awarded for a win or second place and points for just joining in, we shall see a winner at the end of the year!! but this month the theme was "something from the garden"
this is my entry, the rose heads are real and the leaves are real, they have been UTEE'd, thats coated in an ultra thick embossing enamel, i distressed the frame by painting it dark red, then painting it cream and sanding it back to reveal the red a little, this picture was taken before i decided to add a string of pearls round the frame.
WELL....... i got second place ..........YAY


Courtney said...

This stuff looks interesting; how do you use it?

Rachael G said...

Wow that is fantastic