Monday, 20 May 2013

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Finished Before the deed was done!!
using my melt pot ....of course, had the Lush papers for a while and didnt know quite what to do with them but this is what i came up with,  hand made flowers dunked in UTEE, a gorgeous pic of Cara and Jamie at christmas.
"Young Love"

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Melt pot.....

So before i went back into hospital i was given some gorgeous flowers but by the time i came home again they had died, still in the vase mind you (luckily) because in the bunch were 3 roses, they had died along with the rest but still gorgeous so i decided to see what would happen if i put them through the melt pot and UTEE'd them.......well look at the result, preserved forever!!
and still gorgeous

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I'm Back........With Some Beading.

In one piece too, well actually not as i have quite a few pieces missing but i am feeling a whole lot more human again, still in quite a bit of pain but getting there, it wasnt as straight forward as it should have been although i was warned about that, not knowing what they would fine until they got in there, you really dont need any more detail than that....promise....great for the students aparently, at least i was good for something lol

so i am now on forced sit on your bum time, very difficult for me to do, for those that know me can tell you, and i have all your voices ringing in my ears, and i have been promise i have and i can prove it.....

this is the class i missed (and was gutted about) while i was in hospital, but they brought me the kit into the hospital, although i could'nt concerntrate on anything and only started it on sunday evening, but was hooked and it is finished, love love love it

so what can i do next sitting on my bum????