Sunday, 30 December 2012

My lovely sewing machine.....

So i treated myself to a lovely new sewing machine not so long ago....the Janome dxl 603, lovely little machine, so i was itching to get something made on it over the holidays......
so here we go,
 firstly a diary cover, cause if i have a book i have to cover it lol, loved making this, as i always do, and all the lovely stitches that the machine has came into play,
 wasnt sure i would use them, but oh yes i think i will be using them quite a bit

Daisy saw my diary and wanted a book too, she has just had a lovely new diary for christmas so a note book it was then.

then it was the cushion....are you seeing a theme yet lol, yes the stitches are every where at the minute, this will be a class @craftydaze in the near future
i have also made a baby quilt but i will take pics of that soon as it is not quite finished yet, not on the same theme though, but lots of freehand quilting this space.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm Stitching!!!!

For the first time since February when i was off work recovering from my op and forced to sit on my bum for a few weeks lol, time has flown since then  and i haven't picked up any thread, but its Christmas day and i always sit and stitch while they are all still in bed, the turkey is in the oven the bacon is boiling on the hob......and i am stitching Halloween....yes Halloween at Christmas lol
well it doesn't matter what i stitch does it! i do need to find my lamp though cause my poor eyes are struggling lol
well back to it
Happy Christmas everyone xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Its almost here.....

and i'm almost done, well really its just going for wonder round the shops and if i see something for someone then they get it!
it was the scout hut crafters christmas party last sunday, a lovely day as always, i didnt take anything to do but did end up making a beaded bauble which has resulted in me making another beaded bauble and buying some beads, mmmm another reason to buy stash me thinks!!
i can see mistakes in it but i am very happy, with no instructions or pattern to follow!
 we had our usual exchange and boy look at this that i received from Kerry
isnt it gorgeous, i had such a grin on my face, thank you Kerry

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's did that happen

The last time i looked it was november......but i have been bus as usual, we had a weekend in stratford, which was just lovely as usual, a fab place to just relax, while we were there we had visitors for dinner one evening, Jak and Dave and Debbie and Tony met us for a meal which was great, and hopefuly will see them soon and not leave it another year!!!

Last week was the Old dalbyWI Christmas crafty fair, what a fab day that was, with crafts to have a go at  (we made christmas ornies, gift boxes,wine glass charms, ginger bread men and yummy choccies)and with pressies to buy from the stalls and of course the customary cake and coffee , it turned out to be a tiring but fantastic day.

We (wood and stitches) stood at the Melton Mowbray Victorian fair as usual this week what a great day it was, albeit bloomin freezing!! with bands playing, carol singers, lots to see and do and lots of food to be had with the odd mulled wine thrown in it was fab, you really should give it a go.....

so what next, well tonight i have a scrapbook class at Crafty daze, "It's a Boy thing"
then lots more to come next year need to get my scrapping head on and get some pages prepared....
but for now its pretty much party up to christmas....
our trip to london for a bit of shopping this sunday, cant wait.