Monday, 23 July 2012

This and That.....

 So yesterday was Scout Hut craft day and although a bit thin on the ground the sun was out and we had a lovely day and i actualy did something, i played with paper, stamps and ink and came up with this hanging christmas ornie, very pleased with the result....they want it as an october class project!!

 i have also been busy with classes for crafty daze there are lots more classes coming all the time and this is one for end august the photo cube pyramid, lots more class pics to follow when i remember to take pics lol

 like i said it was scout hut sunday and we got to go outside for a few minutes....look at that blue sky.
 and lastly a pic of one of the kittens now 5 weeks old....boy its a hard life being a kitten lol
thats it i'm off to my bed.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

So whats been going on??

 Well we have been to Devon on holiday, dodged the rain, well in fact we were very lucky after it raining on and off on the saturday the sun came out on sunday and stayed with us until thursday when it rained all day until teatime when it stopped and didnt start again so i got my wish of time on the beach so that made me very happy....and jake too

 we came back to my Lola having produced 5 gorgeous little kitties, just knew she was going to do it while we were away but she coped brilliantly and is a wonderful mum, i don't have a pic on here yet but i will do very soon
the rest has really been getting back into work which is very busy as always, working on some sewing orders i needed to get done, sorting out generally, with lots more of that to be done lol trying to get a bit of paper crafting in but not really succeeding very much (more on that to follow very soon.)

  but we did get time to take the littlies strawberry picking on sunday, and what must you do when you go strawberry them of course