Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Finished !!

And even "finished" as well, 
LHN "Simple Joys "

quick finish, well what else is there to do when you are taking it easy!
now what to do next????

Monday, 27 February 2012

Ouch !!!

so after suffering my "pain" for several years (well ignoring it really!) and then after going to the docs and going on the list for surgery sand then waiting....... and waiting i at last had my gall bladder complete with stones removed on Wednesday evening , to say i had a few butterflies would be VERY true,i woke up to much pain but this is easing now and as long as i sit still is not too bad at all, although i am walking with a stoup, holding my stomach, not that this makes any difference lol
 but i am out the other side and now on my enforced 6 weeks of rest(they made me promise) so here comes daytime tv  and stitching!  
i started on a LHN design yesterday, think i may be finished it later today, 
watch this space!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Scout hut....

It was another scout hut get together yesterday, we had a fab day as always, i did get to finish something too but i cant show it yet, 
we had a group photo taken too, would be great to get everyone together in one place just the once for a group pic but for now we have to be happy with this bunch......
 look what happens when you try to get everyone together in one pic, all being sensible NOT
Lucy is missing off the pic cause she was being photographer for us.

we are together again on 24/25th march for the weekend get together, if you would like to come along just yell, all are welcome, you dont have to do both days just one if you can make it, old dalby, melton mowbray, very close to the A46 between leicester and newark.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

I just couldnt resist.....

Buying some more of these books, the projects are just gorgeous, all i need now is some time to actualy make something, problem is "wood n stitches" is keeping me busy as ever, i would realy appreciate if you could pop along maybe make a comment and pass it on to a friend or two to help me pass the word....if you would be so kind x
right better get something done........

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Seen as i was stuck at home cause of the snow on sunday when i was meant to be at the nec trade show i decided not to waste my enforced stay at home, so i made my good witch, i am very happy with the result and she will soon be going off to a new home as soon as i make another to replace her, cause i NEED one for myself lol
she has linen pantaloons and shirt and a very soft cord tunic dress, she is very snuggly!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


 ok so i love it, and i have had my fun, now you can go and let spring commence lol, 
jakey loved playing out in the snow today, there are snow angels all over the village from him and we had to have lots of cuddles when we got back to warm him up after, but it was great fun, the sun was so bright though it was difficult to get photos with all the snow blindness going on

Right now then, spring, come on i'm waiting!!!!