Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lovely jubely books!!

I just had to do it, i couldn't resist these books and their gorgeous projects, i couldn't resist so much i went back and ordered some more, cant wait for the posty to come this week ,
 they suggest using towelling and linen for some of the projects so on Saturday one of the nearby villages was having a jumble sale, off i went, boy do you have to be quick in those places and have Sharpe elbows or you get eaten alive but i can say i did find some new towels just the perfect colours too and some linen trousers which will soom be a stuffed  animal of some sort lol
all i need now is some animal stuffing and i am away... watch this space.


Mouse said...

oooo good luck with the making :) and had to laugh at your description of the jumble sales ... been there seen and done them :) love mouse xxxxx

Michelle said...

They look wonderful Lorna xx