Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lovely jubely books!!

I just had to do it, i couldn't resist these books and their gorgeous projects, i couldn't resist so much i went back and ordered some more, cant wait for the posty to come this week ,
 they suggest using towelling and linen for some of the projects so on Saturday one of the nearby villages was having a jumble sale, off i went, boy do you have to be quick in those places and have Sharpe elbows or you get eaten alive but i can say i did find some new towels just the perfect colours too and some linen trousers which will soom be a stuffed  animal of some sort lol
all i need now is some animal stuffing and i am away... watch this space.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Teddy bear, teddy bear.......

 so i wanted to make some little fabric teddy bears, just simple and quick, my first attempt was the little one, which my dh decided looks liked a hammer head, how cruel, so i adjusted the shaping a little and tried again, was not the happiest with the results but you know what with a little more tweaking i may have it but, these 2 little fellows are growing on me, they are standing on my cupboard with lots of other stitched/hand made goodies and yesterday as i walked past they caught my eye and you know what i am rather liking them...poor little hammer head...its ok, i like you x
 and while we are on the subject of liking thengs can i show you an item my daughter bought me for christmas, this gorgeous little mirror, i am loving it........(think the glass needs a clean looking at that pic lol)

January in the scout hut......

The weather was fine all be it a bit windy (bit being an understatement lol) so we managed our first meeting of the year (last january we were snowed in) it was a great day as always, here are a few pics for you........

jo actualy doing something!!!!

 Rachael having great trouble getting polly's christmas cake, the cake inside was yummy once you managed to break through the icing lol

 lots of chatter...........
next scout hut get together.....sunday 19th feb, see you there!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

New year exchange.....

With my very special friend Michelle, who i am very privileged to call my friend
and this is what i received yesterday, isn't it just gorgeous and finished just perfectly (even after a little mishap) i would never have known if you hadn't told me Michelle!
i just love the initials you have added, thank you so much Michelle, i just love it, and what a great gift to start the new year
this is my gift to Michelle , finished onto a tin which i lined and padded inside the lid and at the bottom of the base,
i am very happy with the way it turned out

  thank you Michelle for being such a good friend for so long x x