Monday, 15 August 2011

ok, so i have things.......

I am desperate to do some scrap booking but it really isn't there, i have subscribed to a kit a month and have now received 4, i have been shopping a couple of time for supplies, i have a new grand baby to scrap, as well as jakey, but its still not coming....
so this morning i have been shopping again and had a good look at the samples around the shop and was chatting to the ladies lots and i think it may be stirring in the background, ever so slightly, come on scrapping bug, come back to me!!!
here's my stash from this mornings shopping trip,and i am off soon to spend the afternoon with Mia, the first time i will have seen her properly since she was born, so i have new batteries in my camera for the occasion.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mia's quilt finished....

It was only waiting for its binding so yesterday afternoon i finished off Mias quilt just in time for her coming home, i am very happy with it as was her mummy and daddy, and realy pleased with my shaped edge.
sorry about pic quality, it wouldnt stop raining so i was under the tree lolit has my usual free hand machine quilting, that normally makes it in there somewhere, i do enjoy doing that!

Jake and Mia....

Amee and Mia were allowed home from the hospital yesterday so after nursery we took jake to meet his new baby sister, he was fab and took it in his stride, here they are jake was so cool about it all loland Mia just couldnt stay awake!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

May i introduce to you......

Baby Mia, weighing in at a rather large 10lb 12oz
born 5.03pm tuesday 10th august
by C section after a (well i have lost count how long )very long labour!
but Mia is being a very good girl for her poorly mummy

and jakey is being a very good boy for his nanna, well he is a big brother now.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Whoops i did it again!!

couldnt resist the many fabulous fabrics i saw today and if it wasnt for DH texting me on how long i was taking i would have been much longer and spent much much more money,
so a good thing realy,
but i did buy lots.....
halloween fabrics for some projects i have in mindfabric for a custom quilt i need to make , fabric for two custom cushions i have on order, plus lots more, and i just realised i have missed some of it off the pics

so lots to keep me busy....
maybe it was a good job he dragged me out of the shop!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Busy Sunday.....

We had a great day yesterday, firstly Alex and i went off to one of the local car boot sales and came away with some great bargain, a few items of clothing and two great bargains for my soon to be Victorian themed bed room!
let me tell you how it came about.....
we took our jakey off to the seaside last Sunday and while there visited a very crammed antique shop and bought a new bed frame, it is a black and gold metal bed frame in a Victorian style, my bedroom is in great need of a decorate and as i love anything Victorian i decided that this is the way to go with the bedroom, starting with the bed, i am going to make throws, bolsters and cushions, the walls are going to be just a plane colour and i am going to bring in the colour with the fabrics, while at the carboot i found a brand new pair of curtains, fully lined and just the perfect colourways, in deep red, browns and gold,£4
i then found a piece of fabric about 2m again perfect for the victorian theme,
deep reds, brown and green, perfect for some cushions and maybe to cover a foot stool and blanket box i have!£3
we then went off to pick the bed frame up and have a better look around the antique shop
(we couldnt with jake and his little fingers last week)
and this is what i came away with.....
i am now on the lookout for a victorian wash stand or dressing table, a fireplace, and lots of little bits a pieces, an oil lamp, more fabrics etc etc, this is so going to be fun lol