Monday, 26 December 2011

Jakey's birthday

So where has the last week gone, it seemed to take a while to get here but its over in a flash, 
Christmas that is!
but just before we had jakey's birthday, i cant believe our little man is 3 already, 
where has that time gone?
jakey had a dino cake, i was going to get a lovely one made and they are gorgeous but then i thought why make such a great cake and then 5 minutes later cut it up and have nothing left of it so instead i got some toy Dinos and decorated a cake with them, best of both worlds, a cake and some toys to keep, he loves his dinos so i am happy with that,lots more candles that he should have had for his 3 years but he wanted more!
and of course as with all presents the box is the best bit, he was playing at being a robot with it lol

 and then we were quickly into christmas, i did manage a couple of pics of mia before the big day, but jake was a wirlwind of excitement so only managed a few blurred images lol
so a quiet boxing day for us, well we have the littlies here but jake is having a quiet hour upstairs in my bed watching a dvd and mia is snoozing on the quiet for a few minutes anyway 

hope you have all had a lovely christmas and that things are good for the new year x x


Rachael G said...

What a great idea for the cake!!

Michelle said...

Fab cake Lorna - I can't believe he's 3 already - time flies. Mia is soooo cute. Have sorted out the chart I am stitching for you x

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Merry Christmas