Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night.......

We took the littlies to an arranged bonfire and firworks display last night , something we dont normaly do, we normaly have a few firworks in the garden but after seeing the notice in a neighborouring village for £5 a family, well couldnt be cheaper so off we went and had to have a lovely burger too, well you have to dont you!!
after taking a million and one pics trying to get the occasion, i came up with these, i love the colour glow from the fire, which was huge and very warm lol
Jakey loved the fire to start with but soon got bored and went off to watch people with sparklers, Mia was mesmerised by the fire and couldnt take her eyes off it!

then the fireworks began, jakey wasnt quite so impressed with these as they were too noisey for him but he did enjoy them and i think loved the journey home the best seeing all the fireworks going off from the safety of the car lol

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