Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Stitching mojo.....

Has returned with a passion lol, and i am in halloween mode for some reason, just finished stitching on this LK piece, but cant decide how to "finish" it off,
any suggestions?
now to decide what to stitch next, another halloween or something else mmmmmmm let me think!

Monday, 18 July 2011

More exchanges.....

So now everything has been received i can show you the rest,
firstly look at this little beauty i received from Melanie,
i dont know Melanie but if your looking thankyou so much i adore it!then i can show you my little creation for Maddy in the exchange heaven christmas in july exchange, realy enjoyed stitching this and making it up, hope you like it Maddy!
so now i have my stitching bug back i am off to stitch for 10 minutes before work, i am in the mood for halloween!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

BBD exchange

I can now show you this as it has been received by Michelle, this is what i made for her, glad she likes it, hard to part with cause i like it too lol
still waiting for mine to arrive, cant wait! i will take a pic as soon as it arrives.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back on line....

(thought i did this post yesterday!)
anyway after being off line since last Thursday,phone line bought down by a crane apparently! i am now back on, feel lost without my pc, but its all working fine again now
i have at last taken part in a couple of exchanges recently, firstly a christmas in july on exchange heaven, which i received this gorgeous little fellow from Maddy, isnt he cute, i cant show you what i have made until i hear it has arrived safely,
i have also taken part in an exchange on Michelles blog its a Black Bird Designs exchange, i am also waiting for mine to arrive in its new home then i will show you, and waiting very excited for mine to arrive...oh oh cant wait!!
the quilts for Mia are happening oh so slowly, just dont know where the time goes,
4 weeks and counting until baby Mia arrives, getting excited now, and we are all thinking she will be arriving early so realy must get my finger out and get them finished,
will be back as soon as i have some thing more to show you.