Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thank you

To everyone for the support and sponsors, Alex and i did the 10k on sunday in that heat!! it was way too hot and i have the really burnt neck to prove it lol, we finished in 1hour 50 minutes and raised £250 in sponsorship so a big thank you to all

AND its still not too late to donate just go to my page on the last post

many thanks


Michelle said...

Well done Lorna - I want to contribute - shall I send a cheque or paypal you some money? xx

Jak said...

Well done guys, sadly missed the race this year.

Btw, youve been awarded a blog award


lorna said...

michelle if you look at my previous post you can click on the may page link and it takes you to my giving page you can donate there, thank you so much x
jak,oh off to have a look x

Michelle said...

Thanks Lorna have just made a donation - so proud of you once again well done xx