Thursday, 30 June 2011

Carboot find!

As you know i love to wonder round Carboot sales of a sunday when not busy and this week i found two lovely bargains, the first was an ikea cot, which looks brand new, not a mark on it, worth over £100 so Amee informs me, £5 BARGAIN , so chuffed with that and then i also found this cake stand, love it and only £1.50 so i just had to......
i also want to show you the working on my Hexagon quilt for Mia, its growing slowly but surely, i am realy liking it too,
I dont normaly like having more than one project on the go but at the moment i have 4! my own hehagon quilt which is also growing steadily, not going to show you a pic cause it looks the same as last time just the piles of flowers are bigger lol, not ready to put it together yet still working on the flowers then i have some diamonds to work on for infills cant wait to get the the actual final construction but i must be patient lol
i am working on a second quilt for Mia, (one for my house one for Amees house), it is a squared quilt which will have freehand quilting...possibly , not quite decided yet lol
the last project is a crochet blanket which is going to be a mishmash of different!! cant realy say what cause i am changing it as i go along so we will see how it ends up lol
so busy busy as always ,
these are among all the wood-n-stitches projects i am working on too, aprons, quilts and bags are in the mix at the minute!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thank you

To everyone for the support and sponsors, Alex and i did the 10k on sunday in that heat!! it was way too hot and i have the really burnt neck to prove it lol, we finished in 1hour 50 minutes and raised £250 in sponsorship so a big thank you to all

AND its still not too late to donate just go to my page on the last post

many thanks

Saturday, 25 June 2011

10K Race for Life

Tomorrow my good friend Alex and i are doing the 10k race for life at Preswold Hall, Loughborough, we would be very grateful for any donations, even £1 would be very welcome,
please go to my page and make a donation....go on you know you want to...

many thanks

Monday, 20 June 2011

Oh Dear- I just couldnt help it!

But buy lots of scrummy fabric, it was calling to me, but i do have plans for it all, along with the wool that i bought on saturday for another baby Mia project!
so in this little lot, there is fabric for a bed set for jake, a quilt for mia, a quilt for me, two halloween quilts, one for jake and one for me, cause i just love halloween, a sun dress, or 2, or 3 for baby Mia, when i work out a pattern that is, got a picture in my mind of what i want, just need to get it to fabric lolMy hexagon quilt is coming along lovely, i think i have worked out the pattern it will finish in, of course that is subject to change when i come to laying it out but i think i have it lol
so where are all those extra hours in the day that i be needing?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Been busy

I have been having some me time this week, firstly playing with hexagons and lots of hand stitching which i am realy enjoying, and nice to be working on something that will take me some time instead of the got to get it done that i am normaly doing, so i can pick it up and put it down when i feel like it
i am also working on a couple of exchanges, first one is a christmas in july exchange which i am making an ornie so cant show too much of that one yet lol but great to be having some stitch time as well

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mmmmm fabric shopping !!

No i couldn't resist a little retail therapy of the fabric variety lol, i
need to reline the baby cradle in readiness for little Mia's arrival so off i went and found this little lot, cant decide quite how to do this, i am thinking of making cot bed sized quilt with these fabrics and with the leftovers lining the little cradle and then crocheting a blanket for the cradle, i remember jake being in the cradle for a short time and for Mia it will be summer so don't think she will be needing a big quilt and by the time we get to winter she will be moving into a cot anyway....well those are my thoughts, may change along the way lol

then i also bought this little lot, i intend on making a hexagon quilt with these, hand sewing the hexagons centre panel then moving onto the machine to do borders etc
now just need to find some time to be able to work on these what with wood-n-stitches keeping me very busy and the busy season upon us....oh well better get on with it then lol

Friday, 3 June 2011

A little bit of knitting!

With baby Mia only 9 weeks away, (although we were in the audience for a physic the other day Amee was told she would come early(we shall see))
Amee said "you haven't done any knitting yet"!
i did some knitting for Jake and although one of the jumpers he wore a lot the other one i never saw again lol,
Amees not really into hand knitting....
but this time with the baby being a girl Amee wants while standing on the market last week,i nipped into the wool shop and in between customers i knitted a plain little cardy
(i did it plain cause i couldn't concentrate on the pattern with people stopping me all the time lol)
so here is my first little cardy for baby Mia....right where are all my patterns, what shall i do next??