Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunny Sunday........

if not a little breezy, but lovely in the sun, it started off early when jake and i went for a wonder round the car boot, jake is such a smart little chap, i bought him 3 little cars and a clear as anything he said to the lady, "could i have a bag please" and without me even prompting him, the lady behind the stall melted on the spot lol,
we then went to a scrapping shop where he was as good as gold and played in the kiddies corner while i bought some bits, some of which were kiddies transport themed papers.......and low and behold when grandad gets home off they go to wash the car, perfect for the transport theme lol

now he looks very busy but i can assure you most of the water ended up on him and not the car....but he enjoyed it none the less

ok so i have bought papers i have taken photos now i just need to put them all together mmmmmm

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Michelle said...

Oh bless him Lorna - he is quite enterprising x