Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers day

I have been spoilt again for mothers day,lots of lovely things from the kids, a tea towell and lovely heart from cara, and she is taking me out for a meal on tuesday, a mug and picture frame(complete with pic) and flowers from ameeNiall bought me this gorgeous flower basket, which arrived in Daisy's rucksack on the motorbike, amazing what you can carry on a motorbike loland from Jakey poo this gorgeous little keyring, isnt it cute lol
and some gorgeous cards with hand written notes i cant repeat in them ,cause they make me cry, soppy sod lol
and not a chocolate in sight WOOHOO

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Michelle said...

Lorna - you had some lovely things. Will you send me a list of the dates for the crop - will try and make it this year! xx